Daily Ups and Downs

How to Conquer Life’s Day-to-Day Ups & Downs

Kids can have a yo-yo self-esteem which leads to ups and downs in daily activities.  They get an A on a math test, confidence Up!  Strike out in a baseball game, confidence Down! Had a great tetherball game, confidence Up!  Failed to make the school play, confidence Down!  Get the picture?  Yo-yo self-esteem.

We have to create a daily mastery process for kids so they realize that the events in their lives are NOT   who they are.  Are they feeling good?  If not, it’s time to self-coach.

When a child is harboring negative thoughts, fear, self-doubt, and judgement, they aren’t creating positive energy towards supporting their life to the fullest.  How?  We must shift their attitude.  Questions for your child to help process.

  • Are you feeling sad, angry, self-conscious, embarrassed?
  • Do you know why you feel that way? Any thoughts?
  • Look for a way to change your thoughts so you can shift the feeling to support you. A process called Power Shifting

When our conscious mind and sub-conscious mind hears us say “I’m angry”, they work together to create anger because “anger” is how we are defining ourselves.

When we change how we describe our feelings, so both conscious and sub-conscious are ready to shift us out of negativity.  This is done by stating what we experience followed by an affirmation.

Shifting statement: “ I’m angry at what happened at school right now, I’m going to sit here for 10 minutes and calm myself.”  Yeah!  This is where we adults must let them have time for themselves.

Another way to shift feelings is with gratitude.  Have your child identify 3-5 things they are grateful for right now.  Examples below:

  • I’m happy my dog loves to give me kisses when I get home from school
  • I’m grateful Mom bought me those Spider Man sheets for my bed
  • It’s great I made the baseball team

This program is based on the workshop Self-Coaching, one of several workshops in the MePower series of life skills.

Upon completion of this workshop, your child will have a take home worksheet to go over with family members to help reinforce the skill.

For more information on available workshops in your area or to consider one on one coaching, please select either or both of the following :