Managing Change

Change - “If you change nothing, nothing will change”

Daily change happens, newness occurs in many manners- new coach for the team, grade changes, family relocates, new teacher-school.  Our kids experience change as a critical part of life, and they require the skills to accept and embrace changes so they can stay in their power.

Providing children the opportunities to “stretch” themselves and “move” through a change, in order to erase fears behind an event that hasn’t even happened.  Helping them step up and step outside of their comfort zone and move ahead.

Our children also need to remember to be patient with themselves during a change, and each time they successfully manage the change, they become more self-confident of the process.  They become stronger and stand taller.

You can’t create who you want to be by staying where you are.  If you change nothing, nothing will change!

The kids are taken through a 3-step process of facing a change that is concerning them.  They learn how to apply those steps to that change taking them out of their comfort zone, and build a response system for which they can effectively manage and overcome the change and successfully move forward.

Common responses to change include yet not limited to: fear, anger, sadness, resistance and sadness.

Signs of physical symptons, can also be a result with anxiety about change.   Symptons such as bad dreams, changes in eating habits, headaches, stomach aches can be indication that your child may stressed about a current or upcoming change.  Time to “check in” with them and ask some questions to see if anything is bothering them. 

  • Are there any changes at school currently?
  • Is playing on the softball team still fun?
  • Does your best friend still walk home with you?

This program is based on the workshop Managing Change, which is one of several workshops in the Slaying Dragons series of life skills.

A child that completes this workshop will have a take home worksheet to-revisit ideas with family members to help reinforce the skill along with an understanding of the quote

“When(Where) one door closes, another door opens.”

We want their experience to shift from victim (powerless) to standing in their power where they “choose” their response!

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