Managing Fear

Managing Fear- How to build courage to burst outside the comfort zone

It all starts with our comfort zone.  An invisible boundary within our minds that is based on beliefs of what we can and cannot do.  Our belief systems are created when we are young.

“What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” 

The good news is “People don’t usually regret what they’ve done in their lives”, the bad news is they usually regret the things they haven’t due to fear or?

Fear is based on a perceived threat.  It is based on self-doubt.  We fear something that may never happen as it’s based on a feeling of a future event.

Fear takes us out of our comfort zone.  Everyone feels some kind of anxiety or fear when stepping out of their comfort zone, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be outside their comfort zone by definition.

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear about the ability to handle what’s different (self-doubt)
  • Fear of judgment from others

How I can help work with your child on managing these fears.  We work through a 5 step process, after a wonderful story with characters that your child will remember and relate to.  The story will explain the situation of how to manage the fears our children may be facing.  We usually work in a group with other similar aged kids.

  1. Name the fear
  2. Explore the fear
  3. Develop a plan
  4. Next process
  5. Next process

There are many signs that let you know your child is afraid or unsure.  Anxiety, procrastination, holding back on something they usually love to do.

Reminding children of past successes helps to alleviate some of the fears of moving ahead.  Fear can be changing schools, moving, new school grade.  The focus is to help your child choose to face change with confidence and as they choose how they want to respond. 

“Courage is feeling your fear and moving through it.”

This program is based on the workshop Managing Fear, which is one of several workshops in the Slaying Dragons series life skills.

A child that completes this workshop will have a take home worksheet to go over with family members to help reinforce the skill along with a few Wise in 5’s examples to work through and discuss at home.

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