New Adventure Workshops

Below are the 2 programs I'm currently offering for small live online groups.  I also offer one on one customized workshop sessions for parents that have specific challenges with their child.  It's all about helping the children awaken and strengthen skills that help them explore this greatest adventure of all, their lives!  I'm honored and humbled to be a part of something so great to raise our children to live at their greatest levels possible!

***Adventures to Soaring Self Confidence***


This is a 5 session program that promotes a healthy understanding of powerful self-confidence.

  • I Believe in Me!  How to Develop Unstoppable Self-Confidence
  •  How Your Mind Shapes Your World
  • How to Create Your Pathway to Success - The Secret Radar in Your Brain
  • Self-talk - Mastering the Secret
  •  Power Shifting - How to Stand in Your Power by Choosing Your Experience



***Adventures in Resilience***

How to  Handle the "Tough" Stuff in Life     

This is a 5 session program focused towards helping kids learn how to get back up again after falling down so that mistakes, disappointments or life changes won't keep them from their dreams!

  •  How Your Mind Shapes Your World and What You Can Do to Shape Your Mind
  •  Power of Possibility - Why You Achieve What You Believe
  •  Overcoming Mistakes - How to Learn from Mistakes and Let Them Go
  •  Moving Past Failure - How to "Put it in a Box" and Keep on Goin'
  • Managing Change - How to Embrace Change and Thrive


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